From the Desk of the Principal

KV Hebbal determined to encourage and empower students of KV Hebbal in all round development by inculcating the core values like honesty, integrity and leadership etc to become a good citizen of India and serve the nation in the best possible way in future.


The main aim of education according to Mahatma is …. “Character building”.  By education, Mahatma meant the improvement of morality within a student. Along with achieving excellence in studies, students should also adopt certain moral ethical codes like truth, nonviolence, charity and so on which will illumine their character. Thus character building through quality education is the prime concern.


KV HEBBAL is perfectly aware of the fact that “Education is the best tool in the hands of a skilled teacher to chisel a student’s character into a perfect shape, which can shine like a diamond.”  Hence we are highly motivated and committed to do our best to motivate and inspire the students for their all round development.